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Scale[g, s]
represents graphics primitives g scaled by a factor s.
Scale[g, s, {x, y, ...}]
scales with the point {x, y, ...} kept fixed.
Scale[g, {sx, sy, ...}, ...]
scales by different factors along different axes.
  • Scale[g, s] scales with the center of the bounding box of g kept fixed.
  • You can specify special points such as {Left, Bottom} within the bounding box for g to be kept fixed.
  • Explicit coordinates {x, y} are taken to be in the coordinate system of the graphic in which Scale[...] appears.
  • For objects specified with scaled coordinates Scaled[{x, y}], Scale effectively applies its transformation to the corresponding ordinary coordinates.
  • Scale can modify the regions allocated to Text and Inset objects, but does not directly affect their contents, and does not scale fonts or other textual elements.  »
  • Normal[expr] if possible replaces all Scale[gi, ...] constructs by versions of the gi in which the coordinates have explicitly been transformed.
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