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splices Mathematica output into an external file. It takes text enclosed between <* and *> in the file, evaluates the text as Mathematica input, and replaces the text with the resulting Mathematica output.
  • Splice["infile", "outfile"] processes text from the file infile, and writes output into outfile.
  • Splice["file"] takes files with names of the form and writes output in files with names name.x.
  • Text in the input file not enclosed between <* and *> is copied without change to the output file.
  • The default format for Mathematica output is determined by the extension of the input file name:
  • The following options for Splice can be used:
Delimiters{"<*","*>"}delimiters to search for
FormatTypeAutomaticdefault format for Mathematica output
PageWidth78number of character widths per output line
  • You can use pipes instead of files for input and output to Splice.
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