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gives detailed information about the Mathematica system being run.
gives a list of rules with information about the component "comp".
SystemInformation["comp", "prop"]
gives the value of property "prop" for component "comp".
  • When run in a notebook interface SystemInformation[] yields a graphical form; otherwise it gives a list of rules.
  • Typical possible components to specify include:
"Kernel"Mathematica kernel used for evaluation
"FrontEnd"Mathematica front end used for display
"Devices"devices, drivers, etc.
  • SystemInformation gives information on the kernel in which it is evaluated, and the front end in which it is displayed.
  • SystemInformation["comp", ...] returns Missing["NotActive"] if the specified component is not active in your current system.
Display system information; browse to relevant tab for details:
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Get a list of information rules for currently open links:
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