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Table[expr, {imax}]
generates a list of imax copies of expr.
Table[expr, {i, imax}]
generates a list of the values of expr when i runs from 1 to imax.
Table[expr, {i, imin, imax}]
starts with i=imin.
Table[expr, {i, imin, imax, di}]
uses steps di.
Table[expr, {i, {i1, i2, ...}}]
uses the successive values i1, i2, ....
Table[expr, {i, imin, imax}, {j, jmin, jmax}, ...]
gives a nested list. The list associated with i is outermost.  »
  • You can use Table to build up vectors, matrices, tensors and other arrays.
  • Table uses the standard Mathematica iteration specification.
  • Table evaluates its arguments in a non-standard way.
  • Table[expr, spec] first evaluates spec, then localizes the variable specified, and successively assigns values to it, each time evaluating expr.
  • Table effectively uses Block to localize values or variables.
  • Table[expr, spec1, spec2] is effectively equivalent to Table[Table[expr, spec2], spec1].
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