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displays with expr in plain text format.
Text[expr, coords]
is a graphics primitive that displays the textual form of expr centered at the point specified by coords.
  • The text is displayed by default in StandardForm, but in a typical textual font such as Times.
  • Text can be used in both two- and three-dimensional graphics.
  • In graphics, Text[expr] is equivalent to Text[expr, {0, 0}] or Text[expr, {0, 0, 0}].
  • Text[expr, coords] works like Inset[expr, coords].
  • The coordinates can be specified either as {x, y, ...} or as Scaled[{x, y, ...}].  »
  • In two dimensions, coordinates can also be specified using Offset.  »
  • Text[expr, coords, offset] specifies an offset for the block of text relative to the coordinates given. Giving an offset {sdx, sdy} specifies that the point {x, y} should lie at relative coordinates {sdx, sdy} within the bounding rectangle that encloses the text. Each relative coordinate runs from -1 to +1 across the bounding rectangle.
  • The offsets specified need not be in the range -1 to +1.
  • Sample offsets to use in two-dimensional graphics include:
{0,0}text centered at {x, y}
{-1,0}left-hand end at {x, y}
{1,0}right-hand end at {x, y}
{0,-1}centered above {x, y}
{0,1}centered below {x, y}
  • Text[expr, coords, offset, dir] specifies the orientation of the text is given by the direction vector dir. Possible values of dir are:
{1,0}ordinary horizontal text
{0,1}vertical text reading from bottom to top
{0,-1}vertical text reading from top to bottom
{-1,0}horizontal upside-down text
  • Text in three-dimensional graphics is placed at a position that corresponds to the projection of the point {x, y, z} specified. Text is drawn in front of all other objects.
  • The following options can be given:
BackgroundNonebackground color
ContentSelectableAutomaticwhether to allow selection of contents
FormatTypeAutomaticformat type
  • Outside of graphics, Text[expr] effectively generates a TextCell.
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