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gives a text cell that can appear in a Mathematica notebook.
TextCell["string", "style"]
gives a text cell with the specified style.
  • Text cells are formatted like text, with appropriate spacing and line breaking.
  • CellPrint[TextCell[expr]] inserts a text cell into your current notebook.
  • Typical possible styles for text cells include "Title", "Section", "Text", etc.
  • TextCell[Row[{expr1, expr2, ...}]] generates a text cell containing a concatenation of the expri, which need not just be strings.
  • TextCell can have any of the many options of Cell, including for example:
Alignmenthow to align text in the cell
Backgroundthe color of the background for the cell
CellBaselinealignment relative to surrounding text
CellFramewhether to draw a frame around the cell
CellTagstags for the cell
Editablewhether to allow the contents of the cell to be edited
FontSizethe default size of text in the cell
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