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is an option for Cell and Inset which specifies how much lines of text can be stretched in order to make them be the same length.
  • TextJustification->0 does no stretching, and leads to ragged text boundaries.
  • TextJustification->1 does full justification, and forces all complete lines to be the same length.
  • No stretching is done on lines that end with explicit newline characters.
  • With TextJustification->s, Mathematica will take the amount by which each broken line is shorter than PageWidth, and then insert within the line a total amount of space equal to s times this.
  • If TextJustification is not 0, the standard Mathematica front end will dynamically adjust the lengths of lines as you enter text.
Create some random text with irregular word lengths:
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Create text cells with different settings for TextJustification:
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