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is an option for Graphics3D and related functions which gives the opening half-angle for a simulated camera used to view the three-dimensional scene.
  • The following settings can be used:
Allan opening half-angle sufficient to see everything
Automatica maximum opening angle of 35^◦ (default)
an explicit half-opening angle in radians
  • With the setting ViewAngle->All, the complete bounding box or circumscribing sphere will, if possible, just fill the final 2D viewing area.
  • The default setting of Automatic is equivalent to All when the simulated camera is far from the object, but is constrained never to be greater than 35^◦, even when the camera is close.
  • ViewAngle->35Degree is a typical field of view used for human ergonomics and in cameras.
  • Changing the setting for ViewAngle is effectively like zooming a camera.
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