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is an option for Graphics3D and related functions which gives the point in space from which three-dimensional objects are to be viewed.
  • ViewPoint->{x, y, z} gives the position of the view point relative to the center of the three-dimensional box that contains the objects.
  • The view point is given in a special scaled coordinate system in which the longest side of the bounding box has length 1. The center of the bounding box is taken to have coordinates {0, 0, 0}.
{1.3,-2.4,2}default setting
{0,-2,0}directly in front
{0,-2,2}in front and up
{0,-2,-2}in front and down
{-2,-2,0}left-hand corner
{2,-2,0}right-hand corner
{0,0,2}directly above
  • The following symbolic forms can also be used:  »
Aboveabove, along the positive z direction
Belowbelow, along the negative z direction
Frontin front, along the negative y direction
Backat back, along the positive y direction
Leftleft, along the negative x direction
Rightright, along the positive x direction
  • Choosing a ViewPoint farther away from the object reduces the distortion associated with perspective.
  • Infinite coordinates can be used to specify orthographic views:  »
{0,0,Infinity}view from above (plan view)
{0,0,-Infinity}view from below
{0,-Infinity,0}view from the front (front elevation)
{0,Infinity,0}view from the back
{-Infinity,0,0}view from the left
{Infinity,0,0}view from the right
  • The coordinates of the corners of the bounding box in the special coordinate system used for ViewPoint are determined by the setting for the BoxRatios option.
  • In a notebook front end, dragging with the mouse rotates a 3D object, by changing the azimuthal components of ViewPoint, as well as the setting for ViewVertical.
  • Dragging with the mouse while pressing Ctrl, Alt or Option zooms in or out, changing the radial component of ViewPoint, but keeping ViewAngle fixed.
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