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Mathematica Character Name


  • Unicode: 222B.
  • Alias: Esc int Esc.
  • Compound operator with built-in evaluation rules.
  • ∫ f ⅆ x is by default interpreted as Integrate[f, x].
  • f ⅆ x is by default interpreted as Integral[f, {x, a, b}]. a and b must appear as a subscript and superscript, respectively.
  • ∫ a ∘ b ⅆ x is by default output as ∫ (a ∘ b) ⅆ x whenever ∘ is an operator with a precedence lower than ⋆.
  • Note the use of ⅆ, entered as Esc dd Esc or \[DifferentialD], rather than ordinary d.