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Mathematica Import/Export Format

ACO (.aco)

Adobe Photoshop color swatch format.
Used for storing color palettes.
Native format of the Adobe Photoshop image-editing application.
ACO is an acronym derived from Adobe Color.
Binary file format.
Stores color specifications and, in Version 2 of the format, color names.
Represents color values using 16 bits per color channel.
Supports a variety of color spaces.
  • Import and Export support versions 1 and 2 of the ACO file format.
  • Import[""] imports an ACO file as a list of color primitives.
  • Export["", expr] exports a list of colors or color rules to ACO.
  • Import[""] reads an ACO file and returns a list of color primitives, using exact numbers to represent color coordinates.
  • Export["", {col1, col2, ...}] exports a list of color primitives to ACO, using version 1 of the format.
  • Export["", {"name1" -> col1, ...}] creates an ACO version 2 file from color rules.
  • Import["", elem] imports the specified element from an ACO file.
  • Import["", {elem, sub, ...}] imports a subelement.
  • Import["", {{elem1, elem2, ...}}] imports multiple elements.
  • The import format can be specified with Import["file", "ACO"] or Import["file", {"ACO", elem, ...}].
  • Export["", expr, elem] creates an ACO file by treating expr as specifying element elem.
  • Export["", {expr1, expr2, ...}, {{elem1, elem2, ...}}] treats each expri as specifying the corresponding elemi.
  • Export["", expr, opt1->val1, ...] exports expr with the specified option elements taken to have the specified values.
  • Export["", {elem1->expr1, elem2->expr2, ...}, "Rules"] uses rules to specify the elements to be exported.
  • See the reference pages for full general information on Import and Export.
"Elements"list of elements and options available in this file
"Rules"full list of rules for each element and option
"Options"list of rules for options, properties and settings
  • Data representation elements:
"ColorList"list of color primitives
"ColorRules"rules for named colors
"ColorSetters"list of ColorSetter objects
  • Import by default uses the "ColorList" element.
Read an ACO file that contains a palette of the 206 web-safe colors, and show the first few:
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Import the same file as a list of ColorSetter objects:
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Show all ColorSetter objects arranged in a grid:
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