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Mathematica Import/Export Format

MathML (.mml)

MIME type: text/mathml, application/mathml+xml
MathML mathematical markup language.
Used for integrating mathematical formulas in web documents.
Rendering of embedded MathML is supported by a number of browsers and browser additions.
Specifies the presentation and the semantic content of mathematical formulas.
XML-based format.
Based on a draft that was derived from the Mathematica typesetting language.
Introduced in 1999 and updated in 2003 by the W3C math working group.
  • Import and Export fully support the MathML 2.0 specification.
  • Import["file.mml"] imports an MathML file and returns a box expression.
  • Export["file.mml", expr] exports an arbitrary expression to MathML.
  • Import["file.mml"] reads the MathML presentation elements from a file and converts them to the corresponding Mathematica box expression.
  • Import["file.mml", "Expression"] converts MathML to a Mathematica expression using TraditionalForm interpretation rules.
  • Export["file.mml", expr] converts a box expression or an arbitrary Mathematica expression to MathML.
  • When exporting an arbitrary mathematical expression, its presentation and its context are represented in the resulting MathML.
  • Import["file.mml", elem] imports the specified element from a MathML file.
  • Import["file.mml", {{elem1, elem2, ...}}] imports multiple elements.
  • The import format can be specified with Import["file", "MathML"] or Import["file", {"MathML", elem, ...}].
  • Export["file.mml", expr, elem] creates a MathML file by treating expr as specifying element elem.
  • Export["file.mml", {expr1, expr2, ...}, {{elem1, elem2, ...}}] treats each expri as specifying the corresponding elemi.
  • Export["file.mml", expr, opt1->val1, ...] exports expr with the specified option elements taken to have the specified values.
  • Export["file.mml", {elem1->expr1, elem2->expr2, ...}, "Rules"] uses rules to specify the elements to be exported.
  • The export format can be explicitly specified in the form Export["file", expr, "MathML"] or Export["file", expr, {"MathML", elems}].
  • See the reference pages for full general information on Import and Export.
"Elements"list of elements and options available in this file
"Rules"full list of rules for each element and option
"Options"list of rules for options, properties and settings
  • Data representation elements:
"Boxes"MathML typeset as a Mathematica box expression
"Expression"arbitrary Mathematica expression
"HeldExpression"unevaluated expression
"XMLObject"MathML as a symbolic XML expression
"XMLElement"nested XMLElement objects
"Annotations"{}which annotations to include
"Presentation"Truewhether to export MathML presentation elements
"Content"Falsewhether to export MathML content elements
  • The setting for "Annotations" is a list which may include any number of the choices "DocumentHeader", "XMLDeclaration", and "DOCTYPEDeclaration".