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Mathematica Front End Token


This token has not been fully integrated into the long-term Mathematica system, and is subject to change.
converts the selected cells into a new format.
  • "SelectionConvert" is equivalent to the cell conversion options in CellConvert To.
  • "SelectionConvert" has a parameter that can take one of the following values:
"InputForm"Mathematica input format
"RawInputForm"raw Mathematica input format
"OutputForm"Mathematica output format
"StandardForm"inline cell in StandardForm for text selections
"TraditionalForm"inline cell in TraditionalForm for text selections
"PostScript"PostScript format
"Bitmap"platform-independent bitmap format
"Metafile"Windows Metafile format (Windows only)
"PDF"convert selected cells into PDF format (OS X only)
"QuickTime"convert selected graphics cells to QuickTime format (OS X only)