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Mathematica System Program


starts the full Mathematica system including notebook interface on Unix and Linux.
  • The Mathematica notebook interface provides dynamic interactivity and enhanced graphics functionality, and calls the kernel via MathLink to perform calculations.
  • The first calculation in a notebook may take slightly longer, as it typically launches the kernel.
  • The following command-line options are accepted on Unix and Linux:
-appHelpercombine the options -querySingleLaunch and -forceSaveAs
-cleanignore stored caches and rebuild the front end preferences file
-backgroundTaskDelay nspecify the time (in milliseconds) that the front end delays background tasks while waiting for input
-copyrightdisplay copyright information on the command line
-dontUpdatePrefsprevent changes to the user's preference settings
-font fspecify the font used in menus, buttons, etc.
-forceSaveAsforce the front end to display the Save dialog box when closing a file passed on the command line
-helpdisplay a list of all command-line options
-lmverboseprint diagnostic information to stderr when connecting to MathLM
-mathlinkmake the front end run as a child process that is capable of accepting MathLink packets
-noSplashScreenprevent the splash screen from being displayed on startup
-nostderrWindowdo not display stderr messages in a pop-up window
-preferencesDirectory dirspecify the location where preference settings are stored
-printCommand cmdspecify a command for sending a file to the printer
-pwfile filespecify a file in which to look for Mathematica passwords
-querySingleLaunchask if a file given on the command line should open in the current front end
-singleLaunchallow only one copy of the front end per display
-style sspecify the widget style used by the front end
-topDirectory dirspecify the location of the Mathematica installation directory
-versionprint the current version of the front end on the command line
-wwwBrowser commandspecify the command to use when opening URLs
  • When using -font, a list of possible font names can be found by using xfontsel. The name can be expressed either as an X Logical Font Description or as a valid font alias.
  • When using the -wwwBrowser option, the command can contain a %s format argument that is replaced with the URL.