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Mathematica System Program


mcc options files
MathLink template file compiler
  • mcc is a C compiling command for creating a program for installation into Mathematica with the Mathematica command Install. The installed program communicates with Mathematica by using the MathLink protocol. The mcc command should have a MathLink template file as one of its file arguments along with ordinary C source files and object files, which encode the functions that are to be installed into Mathematica. The MathLink template filename should bear a .tm suffix.
  • The mcc script first passes the template file to the Mathematica utility mprep, which preprocesses it into a C file that uses MathLink library functions. It then invokes the compiler identified by the environment variable CC to compile and link this C file along with the other files, arguments, and the MathLink library, libML.a.
  • On operating systems that support multiple binary formats, mcc automatically links with the appropriate libML.a library.
  • mcc passes all defined options through to the C compiler, but it also treats the following options specially:
-gkeep the C file generated by mprep and pass the -g option to the C compiler to generate a symbol table for debugging
-Epass the .tm files through mprep, then run the C source files through the C compiler only, sending output to stdout
-Ppass the .tm files through mprep, then run the C source files through the C compiler only, writing the output to a file with a .i suffix
-xo namewrite the output file in name/$SystemID/name, to be located by Install["name"]