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Testing the Installation on Windows

The following simple commands allow you to test the installation of Mathematica. Running these commands does not guarantee that the installation was successful, but a failed command can indicate that a serious problem occurred during installation.
You should run these tests from a regular user account and not from an account with administrative privileges.
To run Mathematica using a network license, both the client machine and the license server must be on the network and MathLM must be running.
If you run into problems when doing these tests, see the troubleshooting tips in "Troubleshooting on Windows". If you do not find the answer there, check the Technical Support website at

To Test the Kernel:

1.  To start the kernel, choose ProgramsMathematica 6Mathematica 6 Kernel from the Start menu.
2.  Type N[Pi, 20] and press Enter. The number in the output should match the output shown here.
3.  To exit the kernel, type Exit and press Enter.

To Test the Front End:

1.  Launch Mathematica by choosing ProgramsMathematica 6Mathematica 6 from the Start menu.
2.  Click anywhere inside the leftmost empty window. This window is a Mathematica notebook.
3.  Press the Esc key. You should see three small horizontal lines in a column (). Type int and press Esc again. You should see an integral sign ( ). As an additional font check, typing \[CheckmarkedBox] and \[CirclePlus] should print the symbols and , respectively. If the symbols show up correctly, the fonts have been properly installed.
4.  From the Help menu, choose Documentation Center. The Mathematica Documentation Center should appear.