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Waveform[type, freq, dur]
creates a Sound object that is a standard waveform of type type, having a fundamental frequency of freq hertz, and a duration of dur seconds.
  • The type type must be one of the following:
Sinusoidsinusoidal waveform type
Sawtoothsawtooth waveform type
Squaresquare waveform type
Triangletriangular waveform type
  • The following options can be given:
DisplayFunctionIdentityfunction to apply to sound before returning it
OvertonesAutomaticthe number of overtones
PlayRangeAllrange of sound amplitude levels to include
SampleDepth8number of bits used to encode sound amplitude
SampleRate8192sampling rate per second
  • Waveform[type, freq, dur, Overtones->n] creates a standard waveform with n overtones.