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As of Version 7.0, SpheroidalDistance has been superseded by GeoDistance.
SpheroidalDistance[pt1, pt2]
gives the distance between points pt1 and pt2 on Earth using the spheroidal model of the planet.
  • A point pti is expressed as a pair of numbers {latitude, longitude}.
  • Each coordinate latitude and longitude can be given in degrees, or as {degrees, minutes}, or {degrees, minutes, seconds}.
  • A negative value for a coordinate indicates that the coordinate is South latitude or West longitude.
  • Distances are returned in kilometers.
  • Note that the model is an approximation formula that only employs machine-precision computation. It is fairly accurate to distances of up to 10000 kilometers on the standard model of Earth.
  • The following options can be given:
SemimajorAxis6378.14specify the length of the semimajor axis
Eccentricity0.081819specify the value of the eccentricity
  • With the setting SemimajorAxis->length the length of the semimajor axis in the spheroidal model is assumed to be length kilometers.
  • With the setting Eccentricity->v the eccentricity in the spheroidal model is assumed to be v.