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Graph Utilities Package Guide
Graph Utilities Package
ToCombinatoricaGraph Combinatorica representation of a graph
VertexList list of all vertices in a graph
EdgeList list of all edges in a graph
PseudoDiameter pseudo-diameter of an undirected graph and the two vertices used
NeighborhoodVertices neighborhood vertices that can be reached
NeighborhoodSubgraph neighborhood subgraph formed by vertices that can be reached
MaximalIndependentVertexSet maximal independent vertex set of a graph
MaximalIndependentEdgeSet maximal independent edge set
MaximalBipartiteMatching maximal matching of a bipartite graph
StrongComponents list of strongly connected components in a graph
WeakComponents list of weakly connected components in a graph
Bicomponents biconnected components of a graph
HamiltonianCycles finding Hamiltonian cycles in a graph
FindHamiltonianCycle attempting to find a Hamiltonian cycle by heuristics
GraphCoordinates 2D layout of the vertices of a graph
GraphCoordinates3D 3D layout of the vertices
PageRanks, PageRankVector page rank of a graph
LinkRanks, LinkRankMatrix link rank of a graph
MinCut partition a graph into a given number of parts, minimizing edge cuts
CommunityStructureAssignment assignment of vertices in a graph into communities
CommunityStructurePartition partition of a graph into communities
CommunityModularity community modularity of a given partition or assignment
MinimumBandwidthOrdering vertex ordering that minimizes the bandwidth of a graph
ClosenessCentrality closeness centrality of a graph
LineScaledCoordinate coordinate in a polyline at a given scaled distance from an endpoint
GraphEdit interactive graph editor for inputting and editing graphs
ExpressionTreePlot plot an expression tree