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MusicScale[{i1, i2, ...}, freq, dur]
creates a Sound object that is a sequence of pitches corresponding to numbers i1, i2, ..., a list of intervals measured in cents, starting at freq Hertz and lasting dur seconds.
  • MusicScale creates a pitch sequence from a predefined interval list or an arbitrary list of numbers interpreted as intervals.
  • The list of intervals does not have to be in ascending or descending order.
  • The following predefined interval lists may be given:
JustMajorinterval list for the Just Major scale
JustMinorinterval list for the minor version of the Just Major scale
MeanChromaticinterval list for the Mean Chromatic scale
MeanMajorinterval list derived from the Mean Chromatic scale
PythagoreanChromaticinterval list for the Pythagorean Chromatic scale
PythagoreanMajorinterval list for the Pythagorean Major scale
QuarterToneinterval list in which each semitone is split in two
SixthToneinterval list in which each semitone is split in three
TemperedChromaticinterval list corresponding to an equal-tempered scale
TemperedMajorinterval list derived from the Tempered Chromatic scale
TemperedMinorinterval list derived from the Tempered Chromatic scale