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gives the spectral data of the resonance absorption lines produced by element element.
AtomicData[element, ionstage]
gives the data for the lines of the ionization level ionstage.
  • AtomicData[element] gives a list of properties for the lines produced by the specified element.
  • These properties are:
VacuumWavelength[element]vacuum wavelength
AirWavelength[element]air wavelength
LowerTermFineStructureEnergy[element]lower-term fine structure energy
LowerStatisticalWeight[element]statistical weight of the lower level
UpperStatisticalWeight[element]statistical weight of the upper level
RelativeStrength[element]relative strength
TransitionProbability[element]transition probability
DampingConstant[element]damping constant
OscillatorStrength[element]oscillator strength of the element
  • Individual properties can be selected using related functions.