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Analytic Number Theory
Building on its broad strengths in mathematics in general, and in special functions in particular, Mathematica provides a unique level of support for analytic number theory, including not only highly general function evaluation, but also symbolic simplification.
Zeta Riemann zeta function
PrimeZetaP prime zeta function
HurwitzZeta  ▪ LerchPhi  ▪ RiemannSiegelZ  ▪ ZetaZero  ▪ ...
Dirichlet Functions
DirichletL Dirichlet L-function
PrimePi prime counting function
Prime the nth prime number
NextPrime  ▪ RiemannR  ▪ PrimeOmega  ▪ PrimeNu  ▪ MangoldtLambda  ▪ ...
DivisorSigma  ▪ MoebiusMu  ▪ EulerPhi  ▪ ...
Log  ▪ Gamma  ▪ LogGamma  ▪ LogIntegral  ▪ ...