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Arithmetic Functions
Mathematica immediately allows you to do arithmetic not only with individual numbers, but also with arbitrary lists or arrays—as well as symbolic and algebraic forms. Mathematica uses the latest platform-optimized algorithms to work with exact and approximate numbers up to billions of digits, as well as polynomials with millions of terms.
Plus (+) — addition of numbers, lists, arrays or symbolic expressions
Subtract (-) — subtraction
Times (×) — multiplication, entered as a space, * or × (Esc * Esc)
Divide (/) — division, also entered as ÷ (Esc div Esc)
Power (^) — power, entered as a superscript using Ctrl+^
Sqrt square root, entered as using Ctrl+@
Total total of elements in a list
Mean mean of a list
Accumulate cumulative sums in a list
Differences successive differences in a list
Ratios successive ratios in a list