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Charting and Information Visualization
Mathematica's symbolic architecture and dynamic interface make possible a uniquely flexible and convenient approach to charting and information visualization. With sophisticated automation made possible by its computational aesthetics methodology, Mathematica lets you immediately take data and produce compelling dynamic visualizations in a wide variety of formats—both predefined and arbitrarily extensible.
Manipulate  ▪ Animate  ▪ TabView  ▪ Grid  ▪ ...
ListPlot  ▪ ListLinePlot  ▪ DateListPlot  ▪ ArrayPlot  ▪ ListContourPlot  ▪ ...
Labeled, ChartLabels label individual elements, categories
Legended, ChartLegends legend individual elements, categories
Style, ChartStyle add styling to individual elements, categories
ChartStyle overall layout for a chart (stacked vs. grouped, etc.)
BarOrigin  ▪ SectorOrigin  ▪ BarSpacing  ▪ SectorSpacing  ▪ ...
Chart Element Schemes palette of built-in chart element appearances
Tooltip  ▪ StatusArea  ▪ PopupWindow  ▪ Button  ▪ Hyperlink  ▪ ...