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Importing & Exporting in Notebooks
The symbolic architecture of Mathematica notebooks allows immediate interoperability with a wide range of document, web, graphics and other formats. Mathematica automatically performs Copy/Paste and Open/Save conversions, as well as providing full programmatic access to hundreds of import/export formats.
Copy As copy from a notebook in formatted form, plain text form (Shift+Ctrl+C), etc.
Print print to a printer, or a PDF file
Print Selection (Ctrl+Shift+P) — print a selection from within a notebook
Send To send a notebook as email
Save As (Ctrl+Shift+S) — save a whole notebook in HTML, PDF or many other formats
Save Selection As save an individual graphic or other selection in any standard format
Import, Export programmatically import, export individual expressions
"PDF"  ▪ "HTML"  ▪ "XHTMLMathML"  ▪ "XML"  ▪ "RTF"  ▪ "TeX"