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Logic & Boolean Algebra
Mathematica represents Boolean expressions in symbolic form, so they can not only be evaluated, but also be symbolically manipulated and transformed. Incorporating state-of-the-art quantifier elimination, satisfiability and equational logic theorem proving, Mathematica provides a powerful framework for investigations based on Boolean algebra.
And(&&, And ▪ Or(||, Or ▪ Not(!, ¬ ▪ Nand(Nand ▪ Nor(Nor ▪ Xor(Xor ▪ Implies(Implies ▪ Equivalent(Equivalent ▪ Equal(Equal ▪ Unequal(NotEqual ▪ ...
True, False symbolic truth values
Boole convert symbolic truth values to 0 and 1
BooleanFunction general Boolean function
Mathematical Logic
FullSimplify simplify logic expressions and prove theorems
ForAll (ForAll), Exists (Exists) — quantifiers
Boolean Vector Operations
Nearest, FindClusters operate on Boolean vectors