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New in 6.0: Data Visualization
Building on Mathematica's strengths in large-scale data handling, numerical optimization, and geometric computation, Version 6.0 brought a new level of automation to data visualization—with major new original algorithms for graph layout, immediate surface reconstruction, automated labeling, seamless handling of unstructured data, geometrically driven interpolation, automatic date plotting—as well as major innovations in automated aesthetics.
ListPlot (modified) multiple dataset support, plot markers, stems, etc.
ListLinePlot plot lines through lists of points
ListPlot3D (modified) now supports general irregular datasets, smoothing, etc.
ListPointPlot3D 3D point scatter plot
ListSurfacePlot3D surface reconstruction from 3D points
ListContourPlot, ListDensityPlot (modified) now support irregular datasets, etc.
ListContourPlot3D 3D contour surfaces from 3D field values
ArrayPlot (modified) now supports symbolic values, sparse arrays, etc.
ReliefPlot simulated topographic relief
DateListPlot date and time plots
GraphPlot, GraphPlot3D lay out a general graph
LayeredGraphPlot draw a graph in a layered or hierarchical way
TreePlot draw a tree structure