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New in 7.0: Lists and Matrices
Mathematica 7 extends its general treatment of lists and matrices by adding a variety of convenient functions, including support for common convolution and structure matrices.
List Operations
Gather, GatherBy gather equivalent elements into sublists
Ratios find successive ratios of elements in a list
Matrix Construction
IdentityMatrix, DiagonalMatrix (modified) — create rectangular matrices
ConstantArray (modified)  ▪ PauliMatrix  ▪ LeviCivitaTensor  ▪ UnitVector
Operations on Matrices
ArrayPad add padding of many types to an array in any number of dimensions
UpperTriangularize, LowerTriangularize extract parts of a matrix
SymmetricMatrixQ test whether given matrix is symmetric
SchurDecomposition (modified)  ▪ RealBlockDiagonalForm (modified)