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New in 7.0: Mathematics & Algorithms
Mathematica 7 represents another major achievement in Mathematica's long history of innovation in mathematics and algorithms. Building on the broad capabilities of Mathematica, as well as several recent R&D breakthroughs at Wolfram Research, Mathematica 7 for the first time makes possible systematic computation in a sequence of longstanding mathematical and algorithmic areas.
Sum, Product (modified) — indefinite sums and products and major new algorithms
FindSequenceFunction find functional forms for integer sequences
FindGeneratingFunction find generating functions
RSolve (modified) — solve a system of recurrence equations
PrimeOmega, PrimeNu number of distinct prime factors
PrimeZetaP  ▪ RiemannR  ▪ DirichletL  ▪ DivisorSum  ▪ ...
FiniteGroupCount, FiniteAbelianGroupCount numbers of groups of given order
BooleanFunction general Boolean functions
BooleanCountingFunction symmetric Boolean functions
Equivalent (Equivalent)  ▪ Xnor (Xnor)   ▪ Majority
BooleanConvert convert between Boolean formats (CNF, DNF, ESOP, NOR, BFF, ...)
BooleanMinimize find a minimal Boolean form
SatisfiableQ test a Boolean expression for satisfiability
AngerJ  ▪ WeberE  ▪ DawsonF  ▪ BarnesG  ▪ LogBarnesG
QBinomial  ▪ QFactorial  ▪ QGamma  ▪ QHypergeometricPFQ  ▪ QPochhammer  ▪ QPolyGamma  ▪ ...
New Utility Functions
DiracComb  ▪ HeavisidePi  ▪ Log10  ▪ Log2
MinValue, MaxValue minimum, maximum values
ArgMin, ArgMax position of minimum, maximum
NArgMin  ▪ NArgMax  ▪ FindArgMin  ▪ FindArgMax
FourierSeries truncated complex Fourier series to any order
FourierCoefficient nth coefficient in a Fourier series
Root (modified)  ▪ RootApproximant (modified)  ▪ SeriesCoefficient (modified)  ▪ ...
UpperTriangularize, LowerTriangularize extract parts of a matrix
SymmetricMatrixQ test whether given matrix is symmetric
DiskMatrix  ▪ CrossMatrix  ▪ DiamondMatrix  ▪ BoxMatrix  ▪ ...
NDSolve (modified) new support for delay differential equations
DifferentialRoot symbolic representation of solutions to linear differential equations
Wronskian test linear independence of functions or ODE solutions
FunctionExpand (modified)  ▪ DifferentialRootReduce  ▪ ...
LinearModelFit construct a linear regression model from data
NonlinearModelFit construct a nonlinear regression model