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Options Management
Directly integrated into the Mathematica language is a convenient symbolic options mechanism that allows arbitrary sequences of named parameters to be given to both built-in and user-defined functions.
opt->val an option whose value is evaluated immediately
opt:>val an option whose value is evaluated when it is used
Setting Up Options for Functions
SetOptions set up default option values for a function
OptionsPattern a pattern representing an arbitrary sequence of options
OptionValue retrieve values of options while executing a function
FilterRules filter particular options from a longer list
Options get the options for a function or object with options
AbsoluteOptions get explicit values for options that are given as Automatic, etc.
Common Generic Option Values
True  ▪ False  ▪ Automatic  ▪ All  ▪ None  ▪ Full  ▪ Inherited  ▪ Manual