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User Interface Structuring & Layout
Mathematica's symbolic architecture makes it unprecedentedly easy to create and manipulate sophisticated layouts for user interfaces—both as static structures and with structures generated dynamically during the execution of a program.
Tabular Constructs
Grid construct an arbitrary 2D layout
ItemSize  ▪ Spacings  ▪ Dividers  ▪ Frame  ▪ Alignment  ▪ ...
Row, Column 1D layouts
Panel enclose anything in a system-drawn panel
Labeled display a label for any object
Tooltip  ▪ Mouseover  ▪ ProgressIndicator  ▪ ...
TabView select using tabs with any labels
OpenerView  ▪ MenuView  ▪ PaneSelector  ▪ ...
Appearance detailed appearance of controls
Enabled whether a control is enabled, or grayed out
BaselinePosition how to align objects with surrounding text
Deploy deploy an interface so only its controls can be changed