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Viewers and Annotation
Mathematica's dynamic interactivity system makes it easy to view and annotate any object in a dynamic way. Building on Mathematica's symbolic programming architecture, constructs can be nested and combined in arbitrary ways, and both their content and control can be fully dynamic and programmatic.
TabView make any list of objects be selectable with tabs
SlideView view any list of objects as a sequence of slides
FlipView flip between displaying two or more objects
Labeled associate any label with any object
Framed put a frame around an object
Panel put an object in a panel
Text  ▪ Style  ▪ Row  ▪ Column  ▪ Grid
Placeholder label a place to type
Tooltip attach any tooltip to any object
Mouseover specify what to show when the mouse is over an object
StatusArea put a string in the window status area
PopupWindow attach a popup window with any content
Annotation attach a general annotation to an object
MouseAnnotation find the annotation for the object the mouse is over
Monitor monitor the progress of a computation
Manipulate general interactive manipulation
ListAnimate animate a list of graphics or other objects