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is an option for Manipulate that specifies how autorun should use the controls provided.
  • Possible settings include:
Automaticsequentially run each variable
{Automatic,t}run sequentially for t seconds in total
irun only variable i
{i,j,...}run variable i, then j, ...
{{i,ti},...}run variable i for t seconds, etc.
Allrun all variables together
{All,t}run all variables together for t seconds
  • With the setting {Automatic, t}, each variable is allocated the same time.
  • Each variable always starts from the initial value specified for it, and returns to the same value.
  • Controls are numbered sequentially based on their appearance in the original Manipulate expression. The numbering is not affected by which controls are visible.
Control the order of the variables when Autorun is chosen from the Manipulate menu:
Specify a different duration for each variable (default 5):
Specify All to run through all variables simultaneously:
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