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is an option for charting functions such as BarChart that gives a function to use to generate the primitives for rendering each chart element.
  • ChartElementFunction->f specifies that each chart element should be rendered with the graphics primitives given by f[region, values, metadata].
  • Lists of built-in named functions for specific charting functions can be obtained from ChartElementData["BarChart"], etc.
BarChart,RectangleChart,Histogram,BubbleChart{{xmin, xmax}, {ymin, ymax}}
BarChart3D,RectangleChart3D,Histogram3D,BubbleChart3D{{xmin, xmax}, {ymin, ymax}, {zmin, zmax}}
PieChart,SectorChart{{Thetamin, Thetamax}, {rmin, rmax}}
PieChart3D, SectorChart3D{{Thetamin, Thetamax}, {rmin, rmax}, {zmin, zmax}}
  • In the case of Histogram and Histogram3D the values given are those in the sublist of data associated with each bin.
  • With input data of form {d1->m1, d2->m2, ...} the metadata associated with di is {mi}. With input data of the form {{d1->m1, d2->m2, ...}, ...}->m0 the metadata associated with di is {m0, mi}.
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