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gives x clipped to be between -1 and +1.
Clip[x, {min, max}]
gives x for minxmax, min for x<min and max for x>max.
Clip[x, {min, max}, {vmin, vmax}]
gives vmin for x<min and vmax for x>max.
  • Clip[x] is effectively equivalent to Piecewise[{{-1, x<-1}, {+1, x>+1}}, x].
  • The vi, as well as other arguments of Clip, need not be numbers.
  • For exact numeric quantities, Clip internally uses numerical approximations to establish its result. This process can be affected by the setting of the global variable $MaxExtraPrecision.
The unit clip function:
Use different clip levels:
Use symbolic operations:
A clipped or saturated sinusoid:
Clip is not defined for complex values:
Clip the real and imaginary parts separately:
New in 5.1