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is an option for Manipulate and other functions that specifies the size of the content area to use.
  • The following settings can be given:
wwidth specified by w
{s}maximum width and height specified by s
{w,h}explicit width and height
{{wmax},{hmax}}width and height maximums
{{wmin,wmax},{hmin,hmax}}width and height ranges
  • Specifications for both width and height can be any of the following:
Automaticautomatically size to fit
dd printer's points (before magnification)
72didi inches (before magnification)
Fullfill out the enclosing region
Scaled[s]a fraction s of the enclosing region
  • With the setting ContentSize->Automatic, functions like Manipulate use a content area that fits the content given and also allows room for controls. The content area is never wider than the available notebook or other area.
  • If ContentSize specifies a content area that does not completely fit the contents, then unless specified otherwise with AppearanceElements, functions like Manipulate display a resize area, as well as scrollbars when necessary.
By default, Manipulate leaves just enough space for its contents:
Specify custom content area and allow manual resizing:
Manipulate automatically attaches scrollbars if the content area is too small:
Specify ImageSize->Full for graphics to allow resizing with the content area:
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