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Control[{u, dom}]
represents an interactive control for the variable u in the domain dom, with the type of control chosen to be appropriate for the domain specified.
Control[{{u, uinit}, dom}]
represents a control with initial value uinit.
  • Control supports the following variable and domain specifications:
{u,umin,umax}manipulator (slider, animator, etc.)
{u,umin,umax,du}discrete manipulator with step du
{u,{xmin,ymin},{xmax,ymax}}2D slider
{u,{u1,u2,...}}setter bar for few elements; popup menu for more
{u,{u1->lab1,u2->lab2,...}}setter bar or popup menu with labels for elements
{u,color}color slider
{u}blank input field
{u,func}an arbitrary control from a function
{{u,uinit},...}use initial value uinit
{{u,uinit,ulbl},...}include label ulbl
{{u,...},...,opts}use the specified control options
  • The variable u in Control[{u, ...}] is automatically treated as a Dynamic object.
Generate an automatically chosen control for an iterator:
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