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ListCurvePathPlot[{{x1, y1}, {x2, y2}, ...}]
plots a curve that corresponds to a smooth path through the specified points.
  • ListCurvePathPlot attempts to reconstruct smooth curves defined by the specified set of points.
  • The curves are independent of the order in which points are supplied to ListCurvePathPlot.
  • Curves can "fold over", and do not need to have a single y value for a given x value.
ColorFunctionAutomatichow to determine the coloring of lines
ColorFunctionScalingTruewhether to scale arguments to ColorFunction
InterpolationOrderNonethe polynomial degree of curves used in joining data points
MaxPlotPointsInfinitythe maximum number of points to include
MeshNonehow many mesh points to draw on each line
MeshFunctions{#3&}how to determine the placement of mesh points
MeshShadingNonehow to shade regions between mesh points
MeshStyleAutomaticthe style for mesh points
MethodAutomaticthe method to use for interpolation and data reduction
PlotRangeAutomaticrange of values to include
PlotRangeClippingTruewhether to clip at the plot range
PlotStyleAutomaticgraphics directives to determine the style of each line
  • ListCurvePathPlot yields a curve that fits the data provided, but may not necessarily contain all the points specified by the data.
Randomly sample points on a circle:
Find a smooth curve through the points:
Join the points in the order they were given:
Randomly sample points on a circle:
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Click for copyable input
Find a smooth curve through the points:
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Join the points in the order they were given:
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