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NotebookFind[notebook, data]
sets the current selection in the specified notebook object to be the next occurrence of data.
NotebookFind[notebook, data, Previous]
sets the current selection to be the previous occurrence.
NotebookFind[notebook, data, All]
sets the current selection to be all occurrences.
NotebookFind[notebook, data, dir, elems]
searches the elements of cells specified by elems.
  • data can be a string, box expression, or a complete cell.
  • The possible elements are:
CellContentscontents of each cell, represented as a string
CellLabelsetting for the CellLabel option of each cell
CellStylename of style for each cell
CellTagsparts of the setting for the CellTags option for each cell
{elem1,elem2,...}list of different types of elements
  • The default for elems is CellContents. Only the contents of boxes, not their styles or options, are included in the search.
  • The front end will also usually highlight the region corresponding to the result.
Create a notebook:
Find an occurrence of the letters "at":
Create a notebook:
Find an occurrence of the letters "at":
Create a notebook:
Find an occurrence of the letters "at":
Find the next occurrence:
Select all cells that contain "at":
Find the last "at" in the document:
Go back to find a cell with "L1" in its cell tags:
Normally, the document scrolls so that the found data is visible in the notebook window:
With AutoScroll set to False, the document does not scroll to the found data:
By default, searches are case sensitive:
A case-insensitive search:
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