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ParallelArray[f, n]
generates in parallel a list of length n, with elements f[i], evaluated.
ParallelArray[f, {n1, n2, ...}]
generates in parallel an n_1xn_2x... array of nested lists, with elements f[i1, i2, ...].
ParallelArray[f, {n1, n2, ...}, {r1, r2, ...}]
generates in parallel a list using the index origins ri (default 1).
ParallelArray[f, dims, origin, h]
uses head h, rather than List, for each level of the array.
  • ParallelArray is a parallel version of Array, which automatically distributes different evaluations of expr among different kernels and processors.
  • ParallelArray will give the same results as Array, except for side effects during the computation.
Functions used must be distributed first:
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