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is an option for graphics functions that specifies how much further axes etc. should extend beyond the range of coordinates specified by PlotRange.
  • The settings can be of the following forms:
pthe same padding in all directions
{px,py,...}different padding in different directions
{{pxL,pxR},...}different padding on left and right, etc.
  • For each direction the following forms can be used:
Automatican automatic amount of padding
ss coordinate units
Scaled[s]a fraction s of the plot
Noneno padding
By default, 2% of padding is added to the plot range in each direction:
No padding added:
Include 1 coordinate unit of padding on all sides:
Pad on all sides by the size of the image:
Specify different padding on each side:
Add padding to make the range of data more obvious:
No padding is added if the plot range is explicit:
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