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prints as a shallow form of expr.
Shallow[expr, depth]
prints with all parts of expr below the specified depth given in skeleton form.
Shallow[expr, {depth, length}]
also gives parts whose lengths are above the specified limit in skeleton form.
Shallow[expr, {depth, length}, form]
uses skeleton form for any parts which match the pattern form.
  • Omitted sequences of elements are given as Skeleton objects, which print in the form LeftSkeletonkRightSkeleton.
  • Depth and length can be specified as Infinity.
  • Shallow acts as a "wrapper", which affects printing, but not evaluation.
  • Trying to feed LeftSkeletonkRightSkeleton as obtained from Shallow back as input to Mathematica in StandardForm will generate an error.
Shallow display of a list:
Shallow display of a nested list:
Shortened outputs contain Skeleton objects:
Short displays with long expressions shortened from within:
Shallow shortens from the end:
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