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StyleBox[boxes, options]
is a low-level representation of boxes to be shown with the specified option settings.
StyleBox[boxes, "style"]
uses the option setting for the specified style in the current notebook.
  • StyleBox is the low-level representation of Style. Except for low-level notebook expression manipulation, StyleBox should not need to be used directly.
  • The following additional options can be given:
AutoSpacingTruewhether to adjust character spacings automatically
LineIndent1.0distance in ems to indent for each nesting level
LineIndentMaxFraction0.5maximum fraction of line width to indent
ScriptMinSize4the minimum point size to use for subscripts, etc.
ScriptSizeMultipliers0.71how much smaller to make each level of subscripts, etc.
ShowContentsTruewhether to make boxes visible or just leave space for them
SpanLineThicknessAutomaticthickness in printer's points of fraction lines, etc.
SpanMaxSizeAutomaticmaximum size of expandable characters in units of font size
SpanMinSizeAutomaticminimum size of expandable characters in units of font size
SpanSymmetricTruewhether vertically expandable characters should be symmetric about the axis of the box they are in
  • When StyleBox objects are nested, the options of the innermost one control the display of particular boxes.
Style boxes or text according to a style option:
Use a named style:
Display some text that cannot be selected except as a whole:
By default, spanning characters such as braces do not grow arbitrarily large:
Use SpanMaxSize to allow braces to grow to the full size:
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