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Mathematica Menu Item

File Open...

opens a dialog box for opening an existing file.
  • Mathematica understands the following file types:
Mathematica filesnotebooks (.nb or .ma), Mathematica Player (.nbp), and packages (.m)
Texttext files, Rich Text Format
EPSFEncapsulated PostScript files
PICT (Macintosh)PICT file as a single cell containing the picture
QuickTime (Macintosh)QuickTime movies opened as a QuickTime cell
  • You can open notebooks or packages created using any version of Mathematica. Notebooks have the file extension .nb or .ma; Mathematica Player files have the extension .nbp, and Mathematica packages have the file extension .m. When opening a notebook created using Version 5 or earlier, a dialog box will open to allow you to convert the notebook to Version 6 format.
  • Files in plain text from any word processor are opened with all the text in a single cell. When all the text appears on one line, you may want to switch the cell style to Text, which uses word wrapping by default.
  • Encapsulated PostScript files open as notebooks containing a single graphics cell. For a file originally produced by Mathematica, the resulting cell is identical to the one that produced the file. For a file produced by another program, the PostScript file may require some manual editing before it can be rendered or printed.
  • Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+O.