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CUDALink allows Mathematica to use the CUDA parallel computing architecture on Graphical Processing Units (GPUs). It contains functions that use CUDA-enabled GPUs to boost performance in a number of areas, such as linear algebra, financial simulation, and image processing. CUDALink also integrates CUDA with existing Mathematica development tools, allowing a high degree of automation and control.
CUDAQ determine whether CUDALink is supported
CUDAInformation enumerate all device information
CUDADriverVersion give video driver version
$CUDADeviceCount number of devices on system
$CUDALinkPath path to the CUDALink application
$CUDADevice device used in CUDALink computation
Resource Installation
CUDAResourcesInstall install the CUDA resources
CUDAResourcesInformation give information on installed CUDA resources
CUDAResourcesUninstall uninstall the CUDA resources
Image Processing
CUDAImageConvolve convolve images with specified kernel
CUDABoxFilter apply the box filter on images
CUDADilation apply morphological dilation on images
CUDAErosion apply morphological erosion on images
CUDAOpening apply morphological opening on images
CUDAClosing apply morphological closing on images
Binary Operations
CUDAImageAdd add two images
CUDAImageSubtract subtract two images
CUDAImageMultiply multiply two images
CUDAImageDivide divide two images
CUDAClamp clamp values of an image between a specified range
CUDAColorNegate invert an image
Fourier Transform
CUDAFourier find the Fourier transform
CUDAInverseFourier find the inverse Fourier transform
Linear Algebra
CUDADot give the product of vectors and matrices
CUDATranspose transpose input matrix
CUDAArgMaxList give the index with maximum absolute element
CUDAArgMinList give the index with minimum absolute element
CUDATotal give the total of the absolute values of a vector
CUDAMemory handle to CUDA memory registered using CUDAMemoryLoad or CUDAMemoryAllocate
CUDAMemoryLoad load Mathematica memory into CUDALink returning CUDAMemory
CUDAMemoryAllocate allocate memory for CUDALink returning CUDAMemory
CUDAMemoryGet copy CUDAMemory to Mathematica
CUDAMemoryUnload unload and delete a CUDAMemory handle
CUDAMemoryInformation get CUDAMemory handle information
CUDAMemoryCopyToHost copy CUDAMemory from GPU to CPU
CUDAMemoryCopyToDevice copy CUDAMemory from CPU to GPU
Executing Code
CUDAFunction handle to CUDA function loaded using CUDAFunctionLoad
CUDAFunctionLoad load CUDAFunction into Mathematica
NVCCCompiler compile code using the NVIDIA CUDA compiler
CUDACCompilers give a list of supported C compilers installed on the system
Symbolic CUDA
SymbolicCUDAFunction symbolic representation of a CUDA function
SymbolicCUDABlockIndex symbolic representation of a block index CUDA call
SymbolicCUDAThreadIndex symbolic representation of a thread index CUDA call
SymbolicCUDABlockDimension symbolic representation of a block dimensions CUDA call
SymbolicCUDACalculateKernelIndex symbolic representation of a CUDA index calculation
SymbolicCUDADeclareIndexBlock symbolic representation of a CUDA index declaration
CUDAFinancialDerivative financial option valuation
CUDAMap apply a function to each element on an input list
CUDASort sort input elements
CUDAFold fold input elements
CUDAFoldList fold input elements into a list
CUDAVolumetricDataRead read raw volumetric data to be rendered
CUDAVolumetricRender render volumetric data read
CUDAFluidDynamics compute and render a fluid dynamics simulation