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Graph Algorithms
Shortest Paths
Dijkstra find single-source shortest paths
AllPairsShortestPath find shortest paths simultaneously for all pairs
ShortestPath sequence of vertices that define the shortest path
BellmanFord  ▪ Eccentricity  ▪ Radius  ▪ Diameter  ▪ Girth
Minimum Spanning Trees
MinimumSpanningTree find a minimum spanning tree of a graph
NumberOfSpanningTrees number of spanning trees
NetworkFlow maximum flow through a graph
ResidualFlowGraph construct a directed graph for a graph with respect to flow
StableMarriage optimal stable marriage defined by lists of permutations
MaximalMatching compute maximal matching of a graph
BipartiteMatching find a maximum bipartite matching
Graph Traversals
DepthFirstTraversal depth-first traversal of a graph
BreadthFirstTraversal breadth-first traversal of a graph
Partial Orders
Graph Isomorphism
Isomorphism find isomorphism between two graphs
Equivalences vertex equivalence classes between two graphs