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Graph Construction and Representations
Graphs and Components
Graph a graph object
Edges, Vertices list of edges and vertices in a graph
M, V number of edges and vertices in a graph
Graph Representations
ToOrderedPairs get a list of edges
ToAdjacencyLists represent a graph as adjacency lists
ToAdjacencyMatrix represent a graph as an adjacency matrix
SymmetricQ test if a square matrix represents a symmetric relation
EquivalenceRelationQ test if a matrix defines an equivalence relation
ShowGraph display a graph
ShowGraphArray display several graphs
MakeGraph construct a graph using a binary predicate
RandomGraph generate a random graph
GraphUnion construct the union of two graphs
SetEdgeWeights assign weights to edges
SetVertexWeights assign weights to vertices
Graph Input and Output
ReadGraph read graph specification from a file
WriteGraph write graph specification into a file
Cycle a circular chain of edges
GridGraph graph with nodes on a grid
FiniteGraphs list of all built-in finite parameterless graphs
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