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returns the trek generator when called by EquationTrekker. The specific form of data depends on the trek generator gen.

returns a trek generator which does not use an independent variable.
  • A new generator newgen can be created by giving the additional definition, . In addition, definitions for the following DownValues of the function need to be given:
newgen[data]["Variables"[]]list of variables
newgen[data]["Display"[]]problem description to be displayed
newgen[data]["DisplayMode"[]]the display mode, either or
newgen[data]["FormatTrek"[t0,dvars0,{tmin,tmax}]]information used to tag TrekData
newgen[data]["ChangeParameters"[prules]]generator with data modified by new parameters
newgen[data]["GenerateTrek"[dvars0,{t0,tmin,tmax}]]list of data points to plot, with initial point given by and