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draws the order star depicting the region where for the functions r and f.

draws the order star where r and f are functions of z.
  • by default draws the region in the complex plane where . With the setting OrderStarKind, draws the region in the complex plane where Re[r-f]<0.
  • has the same options as ContourPlot, with the following additions and changes:
AxesTruewhether to draw axes
AxesOrigin{0,0}where axes should cross
ColorFunctionGrayLevel[1-#/2]&how to color stable and unstable regions
FrameTicksNonewhere to place frame tick marks
PlotPoints80initial number of sample points
PlotRangeAutomaticrange of values to include
TicksNonewhere to place tick marks
AspectRatioAutomaticratio of height to width
OrderStarInterpolationFalsewhether to display points where
OrderStarKindFirstwhich kind of order star to draw
OrderStarLegendFalsewhether to include a plot legend
OrderStarPoles{True,True}whether to indicate poles of r and f
OrderStarZeros{True,True}whether to indicate zeros of r and f
OrderStarSymbolSize0.05size of symbols
OrderStarSymbolThickness0.05line thickness of symbols