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constructs a dendrogram from the hierarchical clustering of list.
constructs a dendrogram from the Cluster object c.
  • gives a graphic representation of hierarchical clusters.
  • When given a list of data, generates a cluster hierarchy using Agglomerate, and plots the resulting Cluster object.
  • Connections of lines represent fusion of clusters, and lengths represent the degree of dissimilarity between clusters.
  • The following options can be given:
DistanceFunctionAutomaticthe distance or dissimilarity measure to use
HighlightLevelNonelevel at which to highlight the clusters
HighlightStyleAutomaticgraphics directives specifying highlight style
LeafLabelsNonea list of leaf labels
LinkageAutomaticthe clustering linkage algorithm to use
OrientationToporientation of the dendrogram
PlotStyleAutomaticgraphics directives specifying dendrogram style
TruncateDendrogramAlllevel at which to truncate the dendrogram
Create a dendrogram of numeric data:
Create a dendrogram of numeric data:
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Dendrogram using ManhattanDistance:
Dendrogram highlighting the top 2 clusters:
Dendrogram highlighting the top 2 clusters in Blue:
Dendrogram labeling leaves with the associated data elements:
Dendrogram using Ward's linkage:
Dendrogram oriented from the left:
Dendrogram with lines drawn in Blue:
Dendrogram truncated such that four leaves remain: